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Jenny Chambers, Owner of Down on the Farm


Our mission at Down on the Farm Preschool and Childcare Centers is to provide children with a welcoming, safe and nurturing interactive environment where children can foster their natural curiosity and become lifelong learners through direct hands-on nature adventures indoors, outdoors and through farming experiences.

Welcome to Down on the Farm

Hello! My name is Jenny Chambers. My husband Keith and I were both born and raised in Pinckney and were blessed as a young couple to be able to purchase the family’s centennial farm. As we raised our four beautiful children on the farm we saw the value of our unique setting in the lives of our children through raising and caring for animals, gardening, exploring the outdoors, and playing and getting dirty outside!

These experiences are what sparked the interest to start Down on the Farm (DOTF). It became my dream to share our 20-acre farm and nature setting with other children and their families. I felt the opportunities we had on our farm would be of great benefit to share with children that needed to be in a setting other than their own home. The vision that I had was to provide a nurturing and loving atmosphere for a small group of children in my home and give them experiences and memories in their childhood that they would cherish when they grew old.

I remember when I was a young girl my family had a decent sized piece of property near Rush Lake and I played outside from sun up until sun down building forts, catching frogs, going on adventures and feeding our ducks. It was a wonderful time of life knowing you were safe and mom was right inside managing the home if you needed anything.

While growing up I was given the opportunity to play in our great outdoors and my vision is to be able to provide a piece of this opportunity for our youth today. If they can’t be home with mom and dad then I want Down on the Farm to be the next best thing!

As time has gone on Down on the Farm grew with no previous intention of its growth. Early on there was such a demand for expansion and favorable circumstances arose for growth at the perfect times. I guess you can say the path for Down on the Farm was God’s plan.

The wonderful teaching staff at DOTF along with myself have serviced hundreds of families since we began in 2005. Oh, the memories that we have been able to create and we continue to create have been amazing! I thank all of our families for giving us the honor to nurture and care for your children and for entrusting us with your most precious prize possession!

~ Ms. Jenny


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