Programs at Down on the Farm

Down on the Farm Infant Program

Down on the Farm’s infant program provides care by a team of teachers who meet the needs of our infants in a loving and nurturing manner. Each teacher works with the same group of infants every day. This method, called primary caregiving, allows strong relationships to be built between our infants and their caregiver. These secure bonds with the same caregiver helps our infants learn to trust the world around them.

Our caregiving teachers follow the demands of their group by being well in tune with each infant and learning how each of them communicates their needs. Our teachers provide immediate attention to cries and cues which teaches our infants how to communicate and to have the comfort that what they are telling us is looked at as important. Routines are formed based on each child’s own natural individualized schedule.

During our infants day, our teachers promote language, reading, finger plays and singing along with Tummy time and plenty of floor play which is all key to their development. During the warm months, our infants are exposed to the outdoors giving them a piece of the farm and nature experience that Down on the Farm is known for.

Down on the Farm Toddler Program

Our toddlers day is filled with meaningful experiences that use all of their senses to help develop a healthy brain. 80% of a child’s brain is developed in the first 3 years of life. This makes it crucial for Down on the Farm to make each part of their day important.

As with our infants, our toddlers are given the attention and love that is needed by the same group of primary teachers to make their day a success. Our toddlers are exposed to a nurturing environment where their needs are met appropriately.

With our older toddlers, a daily routine is developed for each of them to follow. Routines give children the comfort to know what comes next in their day. Within their daily schedule children are exposed to sensory activities, art projects, reading, singing and investigative themes as well as going outside and exploring our farm and nature setting.

Social and emotional development is key to a happy and healthy life. Our teachers promote this development by modeling appropriate behavior and social skills along with identifying feelings and helping our toddlers learn about their emotions and the emotions of others.

Down on the Farm Preschool Program

Our farm and nature preschool classrooms are headed up by educated teachers that believe that children learn best through hands-on experiences. The role of the teachers at Down on the Farm is the role of a collaborator and facilitator rather than merely a transmitter of knowledge. Children are encouraged to figure things out, using their creativity and solve problems through open-ended questions and materials, reflections and modeling. We utilize developmentally appropriate practices and our curriculum supports the five domains of the child; creativity, gross and fine motor skills, social and emotional development, and cognitive (literacy, math, science and social studies).

The children who participate in our preschool program will have many learning experiences outdoors. Recent studies show that ongoing exposure to nature is vital for the health and well-being of children and adults. Children are happier and healthier when they have access to the outdoors. Time outside reduces stress and obesity in children and allows their creativity and imagination to be expanded. It is our desire to bring back the importance of the great outdoors to children. At Down on the Farm, they explore the animals in the barn, plant gardens, explore Pondlife, investigate nature and more!

Our preschool programs prepare each child for that next step in their learning and development, such as going to kindergarten. We provide a positive, loving experience so children will love school and love to learn!

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Down on the Farm School Age Program

We offer before and after school care for children who go to Farley Elementary, Country Elementary, Light of the World and Navigator Schools.  Outdoor activities are highly promoted when the children arrive after school.  While participating in indoor activities, school age children typically share space with the preschoolers.  Homework is encouraged, especially if requested by the parents.

During the summer we run a Farm and Nature Camp at our Farley location for children ages 5 to 10.  Much of our time is spent doing activities outdoors.  We will have daily themes, as well as many traditional camp activities.  There will be field trips offered that include swimming at the Pool.  We utilize the L.E.T.S. bus for these off-site trips.

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Down on the Farm Preschool and Child Care

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