The Farley Road Baby House

caring for infants and toddlers

Down on the Farm began in 2005 in the home of Keith and Jenny Chambers. An addition was added onto the family’s centennial farmhouse to provide space solely for the child care. The Baby House is licensed for 12 children with the focus being on infants and toddlers, 6 weeks to age two.

Our little ones are provided the opportunity to visit the barn and farm animals on a daily basis during the warm months. Playing in the fenced in area overlooking the cow pasture, going for walks around the 20 acre pumpkin patch and visiting the preschool play yard next-door are other points of interest.

Our infants and toddlers are cared for in a loving and safe home environment. The baby house is a home away from home!

The Farley Road Baby House

Located at 6820 Farley Road in Pinckney, Michigan

Farley Road Baby House

Down on the Farm Preschool and Child Care

Main Phone

(517) 861-6250

Farley Baby House

(734) 878-1317

Farley Preschool

(734) 648-0317

M-36 Preschool & Childcare

(734) 878-9114


Monday - Friday
6:00 AM - 6:00 PM


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